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Closed Alpha Testing

Hurray, Solar Coherence is out of the lab now!

Real people are playing on their Android devices. We are currently testing the core game mechanics and the user experience. Any help is welcome! Would you like to be an alpha tester? Contact us!

In the meanwhile here are some screenshots to get you inspired 🙂

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-4 Untitled-3

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Damn those aliens :)

A human and alien concept to your attention 🙂

humans_char_promo aliens_char_promo

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Developing some tools

We developed our proof of concept version containing the core engine and now we are playing with it! Addicting already! 🙂

To be precise we are headed towards creating a playable prototype featuring the real game-play mechanics we imagined! To create the kind of challenges and missions we have in mind we need some tools. So we developed our own level editor called the ELD Designer. Why developing our own you say? Well, there isn’t a decent universal one (actively developed and supported) … You don’t believe me? Spend some time with Google then 🙂 There are many game makers, game studios, game crafts, game whatever and many other awesome and heavy tools which will do the job … most likely or maybe no 🙂

Why such tool should be related to any platform or framework? Why not just a generic one which is universal enough to be configured specifically for your needs? Then use it for fast prototyping of your ideas and then deploying it and testing your creations on the fly. For example UMLet. It may have nothing to do with level editors, but this is what a useful tool should look like! Easy, fast, clean … Nerdy, huh 🙂

Apart from this our research showed that everybody makes his own editor anyway so, we did the same 🙂

So, ELD Designer is born and is available as an open source project on github!


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Designing aliens

Doing some alien stuff this weekend. The creature somewhat evolved from aquatic organism to one capable of standing and “walking”… it is still evolving  … 🙂




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They are coming to save us!

Low orbit over Titan, that is how this concept is called…

They seem so different, so perfect, so advanced, but are they?


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So, Titan …

Just to share a “software developer’s” view on the “yupii” moment when they came to save  the us from our agony! It’s called “first contact on Titan”


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It will be a hell of a story!

We are sure about the story now!

Yes, humans and aliens, but not a traditional cliche… I promise! We are aimed to target political and democratic issues from our society! We will criticize and deride 🙂 … well, not that much.

Solar Coherence is a technology for interstellar travel but with it’s own limitations and tricks. Nothing is as seen in the popular sci-fi movies!

Humanity, torn apart and exhausted from wars and greed  is cluttered and starving on Titan. Here comes the aliens to save the day, but what an irony… they only doom themselves. So who is helping whom in the end …

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Manga mood

Apart from not sleeping i am into manga mood lately. Cool, i found some inspiration. You know the “mecha” stuff – big weapons many missiles, huge beams. Here is a quick concept of some weapons firing. They range from really bad-ass to pretty much hilarious. 🙂


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Not sleeping :)

Merry Christmas and happy new year … a bit late …

In all games and movies humanity is prevailing in the end. We are the good guys, right. Why? After all, we humans, are doing horrible stuff to our earthling siblings again and again. What if we are bad, just like this – bad, bad as hell and they, the walking onions or the talking jellyfish, are the good guys. A pretty interesting concept and sort of real.

No, i am not a vegetarian, just thinking.

Anyway, we are putting things upside down again. Re-imagining everything. Just to let you know we are working hard, not only imagining, playing with ideas and sketching stuff lately. Our focus now is to build some really cool atmosphere.  So here is a crude concept for you:


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Hello world!

Yeah a geeky hey, to everybody! I am so excited to announce our second project – Solar Coherence. We are aiming high… Much higher than anything we have done! Stay tuned for further updates!

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