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Here at Essence we are fascinated by space and science fiction. It is our dream to create an amazing space game. This is how the idea behind Solar Coherence was born and now we are making it real!

So what is Solar Coherence?  It is a fast-paced action strategy game where you will fight your way to richness and glory using  tactical thinking, fast fingers, strategic commands, devastating weapons and bit of patience.

The story leans towards the meaning of stars in our being. The stars, which are called and seen as suns by many, are the beginning and will be most likely the end of our existence.  A glorious space objects whose secrets are revealed а little by little. Interested? Stay tuned for more …

Which platforms will be supported? Mobile devices, smart TVs and PCs mainly. But anyone who knows our work knows that we are targeting web also, so who knows…

There will be support for game pads, keyboard +mouse and touch screens!

You may ask when it will be available? Well … soon but, be warned that we will not rush it. We will make sure it is outstanding first!

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